DPRK | Live stream
8. February 2024


Marc Simon Frei, Altdorf

Philosophically inspired artwork that explores the boundaries between technology, art and reflection.

In its essence, it embodies the fusion of ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology through the creation of a self-built camera embedded in a transparent, 3D-printed housing that not only captures visually recordable moments, but also invites us to reflect on the deeper meanings and contexts of the moments captured. At the heart of this project is the process by which it captures the physical world through photography and uses these images as starting points for philosophical exploration. Each photograph is treated not as a mere image of reality, but as a window into deeper insights and reflections. The camera - a technical device for recording the external world - is thus transformed into a tool for introspection and philosophical contemplation.

By applying artificial intelligence, specifically the GPT-4 model from OpenAI, to the images, an individual, philosophically enriched description is added to each photo. These descriptions serve not only as comments on the images, but also as starting points for further thoughts and discussions. They connect the momentary visual experience with the timeless human quest for knowledge and meaning.
This artwork is therefore more than just a technical device; it is a medium of reflection that invites viewers to look beyond the visible world and explore the hidden layers of reality. It invites us to look at the world not only through the lens of the camera, but also through the prism of philosophy, reminding us that behind every image lies a deeper truth and beauty to be discovered.